Increasing E-Commerce Conversion Rates with Single Page Checkout

Yes, you can radically boost conversion rates on an e-commerce site simply by making the checkout process simple, smooth, and as few steps as possible. That’s exactly what Asheville Web Design Company did with one of their clients.

They recently showcased a case study on their Facebook page that showed a client website that initially had the following steps in the e-commerce website for a specialty paint company…

1. Browse products one at a time, switching back and forth between product pages and main shopping page

2. Add Products you want to cart, one at a time

3. Go to shopping cart and ensure correct items are in the cart and pricing is what you expected

4. Go to checkout page and update billing/shipping address and selection shipping options

5. Checkout and submit payment

Each of these steps would occur on separate pages and it would take a lot of time for a customer to shop and finally checkout. Who knows how many customers were actually lost in that entire process.

So, the solution was brought about using a new plugin for Woo-Commerce – a single one page shopping, cart and checkout system. After implementation, now the entire process is one one page, eliminating a lot of the back and forth and the time it takes to do each step above.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout from Prospress, Inc. on Vimeo.

Check out the final implementation at

For more information or services on shopping cart conversion rate optimization and improvement, check out

Smart Boards Now Available for Any Surface?

Smart boards were an absolutely amazing innovation. You could write, draw, doodle, and put anything you want on the board and the computer behind it, would capture it all into a nice digital file that could be saved, shared and annotated later.

Technology has come so far!

Now innovative entrepreneurs have made it possible to not only decrease the cost of the smart board, but make things simple for all of us by transforming any surface into a smart board. The technology is a smart-pen.

Check out, a revolutionary new smart pen that enables you to draw, doodle, write on a piece of paper or wall, or whatever, and everything gets captured into a digital file. Incredible!

Imagine using a whiteboard wall that you create with whiteboard paint and then using a smart pen in your meeting. Not only do the meeting attendees get to see a visual representation of thought up on the board at all times, but they also get a digital file at the end of the meeting!

Here’s a video of the technology in action:

We recommend checking out ReMARKable for your next whiteboard wall, and Luidia for your next smart pen!